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Why is Salt Sanitization Better?

Because it provides the cleanest, most sparkling water, easier to maintain and much “friendlier” to swim in.

Traditionally, commercial pools have been sanitized by using packaged chlorine which involves certain risks in production, transport, handling and storage. This traditional sanitation process can be greatly improved by using the EcoMatic Commercial Electrolytic Chlorine Generator. This is an extremely effective and convenient system based on electrolysis of common salt.

By installing the EcoMatic Commercial equipment and using simple "table" salt, you are not only choosing a system that is “green” (environmentally friendly), but you will be creating water that is crystal clear, pure and fresh for the swimmers pure enjoyment!

The quality of the indoor environment is vastly improved and swimmers typically love the feel of the water and the gentle effect it has on hair, eyes, skin and swimsuits.

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