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The Las Vegas Mirage

Large Outdoor Waterfall/Pool - 500,000 gallons with around 1,500 bathers per day
Pool surface area - 17,780 square feet
2 waterfalls flowing at 2,400 gallons per minute
Spa – 48,000 gallons – heavy bather load
Bare pool – 7,000 gallons – very heavy bather load
Installed in 2006 by American Pool Supply, Las Vegas, NV

Comments from Engineering state:
“I was skeptical at first about this system but after working with it for three years, I can honestly say that my maintenance
time has been reduced and the water looks better than ever. This system is awesome!”

Link to hotels website for Mirage Pool:
Link to hotels website for Bare Pool:

The Wet Republic - Las Vegas MGM Grand

2 Pools / 3 spas
Approximately 2500 bathers per day
Installed in 2007 by American Pool Supply, Las Vegas, NV

Link to Hotels website for the Wet Republic


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