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Choosing The Right System

It is important to have your system sized correctly for your pool. In order to do this, please complete the System Design Form as completely as you can and submit via email or fax to (866)719-9737.

One of the troubling aspects with the rapid rise in popularity of salt systems in the commercial market is the flood of “residential type” backyard chlorine generators being installed on commercial pools.

While these smaller NSF approved units may have a place in some small hotel/motel applications, it is not practical to “gang up” numbers of these smaller units to make up one larger commercial unit.

In choosing the right system for a true commercial pool, the end user or dealer needs to identify a commercial grade chlorine generator capable of producing the sanitizer required, while avoiding joining together multiple small units. The reason for this is that all of the residential type units are not built to withstand the requirements of operating in a well used commercial aquatic facility.

The EcoMatic Large COMM Series of Electrolytic Chlorine Generators is the only Commercial Grade chlorine generator of it’s kind
in the United States today.
A second critical component in Choosing the Right System is System Sizing. Saltline USA is the only distributor that "Design Sizes" each and every system application at the corporate level to ensure proper system function and warranty performance.
Click here to download System Design Form, or fill out the online form below



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