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About Us


Saltline USA is the exclusive national distributor for the commercial EcoMatic in the USA and Latin America.

We have been working with Commercial Salt Generation – on the retail side - in the United States for close to two decades. We have observed how the other Chlorine Generation manufacturers have approached the market with the goal of selling as many units as possible in a quest to maximize sales illustrating the age old story of quantity versus quality. This approach usually doesn’t foster the best result for the end user, that is the commercial facility using the system!

Saltline USA has developed the CRO Program to ensure quality vs quantity.

CRO (Controlled Roll Out) is the pillar of the Saltline USA Dealer program. The fundamental premise of this program is that a quality sale is more important than quantity sales. The program is designed to ensure that every facet of the sales and installation process, vis-à-vis customer expectations, sizing, installation and after sales service is handled with professional expertise resulting in the realization of customer expectations.

Saltline USA works only with AUTHORIZED COMMERCIAL ECOMATIC DEALERS, who apply for the right to sell the EcoMatic product and in so doing, agree to SERVICE WHAT THEY SELL. Each system is "Design Sized" to suit the specific pool it is required for and this function is standardized nation-wide. In this way, the end user is assured of investing in a system which is properly sized and installed and has access to a dealer who will be willing to service the unit as needed and help with any issues or problems that may arise, even if it is as simple as answering basic questions.

Aaron Donohue

As a CPO Certified Dealer Support Rep for Saltline USA, it is my job to assist our Commercial Dealers that are out in the field. This covers everything from processing a purchase order to troubleshooting the cause of a system that is not operating, to running a warranty for replacement parts. It is my goal to make our relationship with our dealers more of a partnership, with
the common goal of keeping your customers happy by providing you with reliable products and the technical expertise to keep things running smoothly.

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