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EcoMatic™ was developed in Australia in 1976 and has been produced continuously since then. EcoMatic Commercial systems are supplied to commercial swimming pools worldwide, and are in use around the world. Saltline USA is an innovative distribution company focusing on more sustainable and energy efficient practices in the aquatic industry. Saltline USA is the exclusive commercial distributor for the EcoMatic product in the United States and Latin America. Saltline USA is committed to working with professional commercial aquatic dealers and requires high standards. Dealers agree to service what they sell.

The perfect swimming pool requires crystal clear water at all times. Traditional water sanitation by way of packaged chlorine involves certain risks in production, transport, handling and storage. This traditional sanitation process can be
greatly improved by using the EcoMatic™ Commercial Salt Chlorination Alternative, an extremely effective and convenient system based on electrolysis of common salt. more...

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